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Denarius of Aemilia 8

Silver denarius, 16mm, 3.90gm, issued 58 BC. Rome mint.

Obv: [M SCAVR AED C]VR [EX] SC ARETAS, King Aretas kneeling in supplication presenting olive branch beside camel.

Rev: P HVPSAEVS AED CVR C HVPSAE COS PREIVER CAPTV[M], Jupiter in quadriga left, scorpion below.

References: Sear 379, Cr 422/1b.

Small flan.

In 62 BC King Aretas III of Nabataea surrendered to M Aemilius Scaurus, a legate of Pompey. This is the first instance of a moneyer commemorating an event in his own career.

1305COL1   |   Very Fine   |   SOLD