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Galeria Valeria

Galeria Valeria
Augusta (AD 305-311)

Galeria Valeria was the daughter of Diocletian and Prisca. She was married to Galerius, Diocletian's successor, and Galerius issued coins in her honour. After Galerius' death his Caesar Maximinus proposed to her, but she declined his offer, so was banished to Syria

Obverse Legends on coins depicting Galeria Valeria

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Coins of Galeria Valeria currently available

Galeria Valeria
Bronze follis issued AD 309.
Obv: GAL VALERIA AVG, Diademed, draped bust facing right.
Rev: VENERI VICTRICI, Venus standing holding apple and raising drapery, O Γ in right field (ANT in ex.).
Very Fine   |   AUD $100.00