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Augustus Caesar
Augustus (27 BC - AD 14)  |  De Imperatoribus Romanis entry

Born Gaius Octavius. Augustus, the grand nephew and adopted son of Julius Caesar was the first Roman Emperor, imposing his government, known as the Principate, gradually over many years. Many of his early appointed successors predeceased him, leaving him only with his step son Tiberius who he finally adopted as his successor

Obverse Legends on coins depicting Augustus

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Coins of Augustus currently available

Augustus and Zenodorus, Syria, Chalcis
Bronze AE20 issued 31/30 BC.
Obv: NE BΠΣ, Bare head of Octavian right.
Rev: ZHNOΔOPOY TETPAPXOY KAI APXHPEΩΣ, Bare head of Zenodorus left.<
Very Fine   |   AUD $200.00