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Septimius Severus

L. Septimius Severus
Augustus (AD 193-211)  |  De Imperatoribus Romanis entry

Septimius Severus, as Governor of Pannonia, was the eventual victor in the civil war that followed the end of the Antonine Dynasty in AD 192. He hailed from Africa and his wife, Julia Domna, came from a local noble family of Syria. Septimius Severus successfully recovered the province of Mesopotamia for the Empire, and was on campaign when in Britain when he died, in AD 211, leaving the empire to his two sons, Caracalla and Geta. Severus' major policy as emperor was the appeasement of the armies by granting them huge bonuses throughout his reign. He removed the threat of the Praetorian Guard by posting a Legion in Italy itself

Obverse Legends on coins depicting Septimius Severus

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Coins of Septimius Severus currently available

Septimius Severus
Silver denarius issued AD 205.
Obv: SEVERVS PIVS AVG, Laureate head facing right.
Rev: PM TRP XIII COS III PP, Roma standing left holding Victory and spear.
Very Fine   |   AUD $100.00