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Cornelia Salonina
Augusta (AD 253-268)

Wife of Gallienus and mother of Valerian II and Saloninus. He fate after her husband's murder in AD 268 is unknown

Obverse Legends on coins depicting Salonina

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Coins of Salonina currently available

Bronze antoninianus issued AD 267/268.
Obv: SALONINA AVG, Diademed, draped bust facing right.
Rev: PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing holding patera sacrificing over altar.
Fine-Very Fine   |   AUD $40.00
Salonina, Cilicia, Syedra
Bronze AE29 issued AD 253-268.
Obv: KOPNHΛA CAΛ..., Draped bust right wearing stephane, IA before.
Rev: CYEΔPЄΩN, Demeter walking right holding two torches.
Very Fine   |   AUD $60.00