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Julia Mamaea

Julia Avita Mamaea
Augusta (AD 222-235)

Julia Mamaea was mother of Severus Alexander, the daughter of Julia Maesa, and the niece of Julia Domna, who was married to the Emperor Septimius Severus. It was through this tenuous link that Julia Maesa ensured that the sons of her daughter became Emperors. When Elegabalus was murdered in AD 222, Julia Mamaea's son, Severus Alexander, inherited the Empire. To strengthen his cause, Julia Mamaea reportedly put out the story that she too, like her sister, had slept with her cousin the Emperor Caracalla and that Severus Alexander was really his son. Julia Mamaea was renown for her greed and her control over her son. In AD 225 she found him a bride in Sallustia Orbiana, but soon forced him to banish her and her father. In AD 235 she was killed, with her son, by the army on the Northern frontier, who rebelled under their comrade Maximinus

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