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Coin depicted roughly twice actual size*

Dupondius of Augustus

Bronze dupondius, 27mm, 9.4gm, issued 16 BC. Rome mint.

Obv: AVGVSTVS TRIBVNIC POTEST, Inscription within oak wreath.

Rev: C ASINIVS GALLVS IIIVIR AAAFF, Inscription around large SC.

References: Sear 1659, RIC 372.

C Asinius Gallus was the son of C Asinius Pollio the historian and one of the Triumvir Monetales for 16 BC. he latter became consul in 8 BC and married Vipsania, daughter of Agrippa and former wife of Tiberius. An opponent of Tiberius', he was arrested in 30 AD and died three years in prison of starvation.

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