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Denarius of Cassia 10

Silver denarius, 19mm, 3.91gm, issued 63 BC. Rome mint.

Obv: Veiled and diademed head of Vesta left, reserved S before, two handed cup behind.

Rev: LONGIN III V, Togate citizen standing depositing ballot in voting box.

References: Sear 364, Cr 413/1.

The control letters on the obverse for this series spell out the moneyer's name: L CASSI (the second is reversed, as in this example). Commemorates the Lex Cassia tabellaria, a law in 113 BC relating to voting proposed by L Cassius Ravilla, ancestor of the moneyer, against 3 'delinquent' vestal virgins (the III V in the reverse legend). Harlan proposes a date of 60 BC for this type.

1801SIL01   |   Very Fine-Extremely Fine   |   SOLD