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Coin depicted roughly twice actual size*

Didrachm of Egypt, Ptolemy VI

Silver didrachm, 25mm, 6.87gm, issued 144/143 BC. Aradus mint.

Obv: Head of Ptolemy right within dotted border.

Rev: ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt with closed wings.

References: see Sear 7873, see SNG Cop 561.

Off centre reverse, rare.

Ptolemy VI succeeded his father Ptolemy V aged only 6, so his mother was regent until her death, after which Ptolemy was embroiled in wars with the Seleucids and his own brother, who successfully overthrew Ptolemy VI. Ptolemy VII, however, was rejected by the Egyptians and Ptolemy VI recalled. Ptolemy VI finally conquered the Seleucids, but died only days later due to wounds he suffered in battle..

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