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Coin image Lucania, Poseidonia/Paestum
Bronze semis issued 80 BC.
Obv: Temple, [PAE] at right, S left QVI below.
Rev: CN COR M [TVC PATR], Wreath around.
Fine   |   AUD $150.00
Coin image Lucania, Thurium
Silver sixth stater issued 315 BC.
Obv: Head of Athena, right, wearing crested Athenian helmet.
Rev: Bull head turned right, tunny fish below.
Nearly Extremely Fine   |   AUD $150.00
Coin image Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II
Bronze AE19 issued 275-216 BC.
Obv: Head of Posiedon wearing tainia.
Rev: IEPΩNOΣ, Ornamented trident head between two dolphins, ΣΩ below.
Good Very Fine   |   AUD $100.00
Coin image Thrace, Apollonia Pontica
Silver drachm issued 400-300 BC.
Obv: Gorgoneion head facing.
Rev: Anchor, crayfish to right, A to left.
Very Fine   |   AUD $180.00
Coin image Anonymous
Bronze issued c. 207 BC.
Obv: Head of Mercury, right wearing winged petasus, two pellets above.
Rev: ROMA, Prow of galley with AVR monogram in front, two pellets below.
Fine   |   AUD $120.00
Coin image Sergia 1
Silver denarius issued 116/115 BC.
Obv: Helmeted head of Roma right, EX SC before.
Rev: Q M SERGI SILVS, Horseman galloping left holding sword and barbarian head.
About Very Fine   |   AUD $120.00
Coin image Cornelia 51
Silver quinarius issued 88 BC.
Obv: Laureate head of Jupiter right.
Rev: CN LENT, Vicotry right crowning trophy.
Nearly Very Fine   |   AUD $100.00
Coin image Memmia 8
Silver denarius issued 87 BC.
Obv: [EX SC], Laureate, bearded head of Saturn, left, harpa behind, variable letter (reversed C) and 6 dots in front of chin.
Rev: L C IMIES, Venus in biga, right, Cupid above.
Fine-Very Fine   |   AUD $150.00
Coin image Maria 7-9
Silver denarius issued 81 BC.
Obv: CAPIT LXVI, Draped bust of Ceres, right, wearing corn wreath, variable symbol (wreath) before.
Rev: C MARI CF, Plowman with two oxen left, variable control number LXVI behind head.
Good Fine   |   AUD $120.00
Coin image Augustus and Philippi
Bronze AE24 issued c. AD 10.
Obv: [COL AVG] IVL PHIL IVSSV AVG, Laureate head right.
Rev: AVG DIVI [F DIVO IVL], Three bases: on the middle one, statue of Augustus in military dress crowned by the statue of Divus Julius wearing toga.
Very Fine   |   AUD $160.00
Coin image Nero, Asia, Thyatira
Bronze AE17 issued c. AD 57.
Obv: NEPΩΝ [KΛΑΥΔΟΙC K]AICAP CEBA, Draped bust of Nero with light beard, right.
Rev: ΘYATEIPHNΩN, Double axe.
Good Very Fine   |   AUD $190.00
Coin image Trajan
Silver denarius issued c. AD 107.
Obv: IMP TRAIANO AV[G GER] DAC P M T R P, Laureate bust right, drapery on far shoulder.
Rev: COS V PP SPQR OPTIMO P[RINC], Victory standing on shields with palm brach and wreath.
Nice Very Fine   |   AUD $160.00
Coin image Antoninus Pius
Silver denarius issued AD 148.
Obv: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TRP XI, Laureate bust right.
Rev: COS IIII, Annona standing left before modius filled with corn ears, and holding two corn ears and anchor.
Nice Very Fine   |   AUD $180.00
Coin image Faustina II
Silver denarius issued AD 161-175.
Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, Bare-headed, draped bust facing right.
Rev: FECVND AVGVSTAE, Fecunditas standing left between two infants and holding two others in her arms.
Very Fine   |   AUD $140.00
Coin image Macrinus
Silver denarius issued AD 218.
Obv: IMP C M OPEL SEV MACRINVS AVG, Laureate, draped bust facing right.
Rev: PONTIF MAX TRP II COS PP, Felicitas standing left holding caduceus and cornucopiae.
Extremely Fine   |   AUD $330.00
Coin image Julia Mamaea
Bronze as issued AD 231.
Obv: IVLIA MAMAEA AVGVSTA, Diademed, draped bust facing right.
Rev: IVNO AVGVSTAE, Juno seated to left holding flower and child (SC in ex.).
Very Fine   |   AUD $125.00
Coin image Gordian III
Silver antoninianus issued AD 238.
Obv: IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, Radiate, draped bust facing right.
Rev: PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia standing right holding globe and traverse sceptre.
Nearly Extremely Fine   |   AUD $150.00
Coin image Nicephorus II Phocas
Bronze follis issued AD 963-969.
Obv: + NICIFER bASILE RW, Bust facing with short beard and wearing a crown loros, he holds cruciform sceptre in right hand and globe surmounted by trefoil.
Rev: + NICHF EN Θ EW bA SILEVS MAIWN, Four lines of inscription.
Fair   |   AUD $30.00
Coin image Romanus IV
Bronze follis issued AD 1068-1071.
Obv: Bust of Christ facing holding book of gospels with both hands in field, IC - XC / NI - KA.
Rev: Cross with globus and two pellets at each extremity and X at centre, in the angles C - R / P - Δ.
Fair   |   AUD $35.00