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Coin depicted roughly twice actual size*

Drachm of Parthia, Orodes II

Silver drachm, 20mm, 3.95gm, issued 57-38 BC. Mithradatkart mint.

Obv: Diademed bust with royal wart facing left, star before, crescent behind.

Rev: Archer seated right, anchor behind, MT monogram below bow, seven line inscription around.

References: Sear 7444, Sellwood 47.31, Shore 256.


Orodes defeated his brother Mithridates to become the Parthian king. In 53 BC Marcus Crassus invaded Parthia but was defeated and killed at the battle of Carrhae. During the Roman Civil War after Caesar's death, the Parthians, led by the king's son Pacorus, got their revenge by conquering Syria and much of Asia Minor. The Parthian forces were eventually defeated, however, and Pacorus was killed. Orodes appointed his next son Phraates as his heir, but Phraates deposed and killed him..

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