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Dupondius of Marcus Aurelius

Bronze dupondius, 24mm, 12.28gm, issued AD 177. Rome mint.

Obv: M ANTONINVS AVG GERM SARM TRP XXXI, Radiate head facing right.

Rev: IMP VIIII COS III PP (DE SARM in ex.), Seated male and female Sarmatian captives flanking trophy.

References: Sear 5025, RIC 1188.

Commemorates Aurelius' victories in the Macromannic War (detailed in Aurelius' Column), for which he was hailed Germanicus and Sarmaticus in 176. His victories were short lived, for the Sarmatians rebelled in the same year this coin was issued, and Aurelius had to return to the border in 178.

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