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Denarius of Trajan

Silver denarius, 19mm, 3.18gm, issued AD 115. Rome mint.

Obv: IMP TRAIANVS AVG GER DAC PM TRP COS VI PP, Laureate, drapery on far shoulder bust facing right.

Rev: DIVVS PATER TRAIAN, The emperor's father, Trajan Senior, seated holding sceptre facing left.

References: Sear 3323, RIC 252, BMCRE 500, RSC 140.

Trajan's father, M. Ulpius Traianus, commanded the Legio X under Vespasian during the Jewish War. Vespasian granted him patrician rank and he was consul, probably in 70 and then governor of Syria. Trajan deified his father and issued coins like this to honour him.

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