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Coin depicted roughly twice actual size*

AE19 of Syria, Antioch

Bronze AE19, 19mm, 6.91gm, issued 5/4 BC.

Obv: Bearded head of Zeus right.

Rev: ANTIOXEΩN EΠI OVAPOV, City goddess seated on rock, river god orontes swimming at feet, ZK in field.

References: Sear 5184, RPC 4252.

P Quinctillius Varus was the governor of Syria between 7 and 4 BC. He was much favoured by Augustus, his first wife was the daughter of Agrippa and his second was the granddaughter of Octavia, Augustus' sister. Varus shared the consulship with Tiberius in 13 BC and became governor of Africa and then Syria. Varus dealt swiftly with a revolt in Judaea after the death of Herod and crucified 2000 rebels. After Tiberius and Drusus had pacified Germania, Varus was appointed the new province's first governor in AD 7. In AD 9 Varus and his three legions were ambushed and massacred by German rebels under Arminius in the Teutoberg forest (this became known as the Varian disaster).

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