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Denarius of Annia 2

Silver denarius, 20mm, 3.8gm, issued 82/81 BC.

Obv: C ANNI T F T N PRO COS EX SC, Anna Perenna diademed head right, scales below chin.

Rev: L FABI L F [HISP], Victory in galloping quadriga right.

References: Sear 289, Cr 366/1c.

Dark toning, rough surfaces. Sarce.

Anna Perenna was the old Roman deity of the circle of the year (hence perennial). The moneyer, C Annius was the first commander sent by Sulla against Sertorius in Spain. This coin was probably minted in Northern Italy for the campaign, another variant was issued in Spain. Annius' quaestor, L Fabius (named on the reverse) deserted to Sertorius.

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