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Coin depicted roughly twice actual size*

Drachm of Parthia, Orodes II

Silver drachm, 19mm, 4.03gm, issued 57-38 BC. Rhagae? mint.

Obv: Beared head right with capricorn on neck, star before and star and crescent behind.

Rev: Archer seated right with anchor behind, monogram below bow, inside greek inscription.

References: see Sear 7445, Sellwood 48/9, Shore 263.

Orodes II, with his brother Mithridates III, overthrew their father. Between the brothers Orodes eventually emerged the victor. Crassus fell at Carrhae to Orodes' forces in 53 BC. Orodes was murdered by his son in 38 who replaced himas Phraates IV.

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