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Coin depicted roughly twice actual size*

Drachm of Nero

Silver drachm, 18mm, 2.96gm, issued AD 56/57.

Obv: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠOΛEMΩNOΣ, Diademed head of Polemo II right.

Rev: ETOYΣ IΘ, Laureate head of Nero right.

References: see Sear 5422, RPC 3831.

Some pitting, rare.

Polemo II was the son of Antonia Tryphaena (the daughter of Polemo I). In 38 he ruled Pontus jointly with his mother with the approval of Caligula. He reigned until 68 when Nero annexed Pontus into the Roman empire. Polemo retired to rule lands in Cilicia.

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