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Aulus Vitellius
Augustus (AD 69)  |  De Imperatoribus Romanis entry

Vitellius was the Governor of Lower Germany at the time of Nero's death and his was proclaimed emperor by troops early in AD 69. At that time Galba, Nero's successor, had been murdered and replaced by Otho, but Vitellius' legions overcome Otho's defence. Vitellius did not get to enjoy being emperor for long. Vespasian, the general in charge of cleaning up the Jewish Revolt, had been proclaimed Augustus by his legions, and his supporters were marching on Rome. After Vitellius' army was defeated, Vitellius, who had abandoned himself to gluttony, was murdered. He had only reigned a few months, but falls in the range of the popular "Twelve Caesars" collection - the first Twelve Caesars to rule Rome

Obverse Legends on coins depicting Vitellius

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Coins of Vitellius currently available

Coin image Vitellius, Egypt, Alexandria
Billon tetradrachm issued AD 60.
Obv: ΩΛOY OYIT KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEPM AYT, Laureate head facing right.
Rev: Nike advancing left holding wreath and palm.
Fine   |   AUD $220.00