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Valentinian II

Flavius Valentinianus
Augustus (AD 375-392)  |  De Imperatoribus Romanis entry

Son of Valentinian I and Justina, he was made emperor against his elder brother's wishes. Young Valentinian held responsibility for Italy and Illyricum. The young emperor tried to have his Master of Soldiers, Arbogastes removed, but was found dead in his bedchamber after Arbogastes refused to resign

Obverse Legends on coins depicting Valentinian II

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Coins of Valentinian II currently available

Coin image Valentinian II
Bronze AE2 issued AD 387-392.
Obv: DN VALENTINIANVS PF AVG, Diademed, draped bust facing right.
Rev: VIRTVS EXERCITI, Emperor in military attire holding standard and globe, foot on captive (SMHB in ex.).
Very Fine-Extremely Fine   |   AUD $130.00