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Hemidrachm of Sicily, Akragas, Carthaginian occupation

Silver hemidrachm, 15mm, 1.64gm, issued 214-210 BC

Obv: Male head wreathed in grain ears facing right.

Rev: Horse prancing right, Punic script below.

References: Sear 6503, SNG Cop 375, HGC 173.

Toned, rare.

A eighth shekel from the Carthaginian occupation of Akragas/Agrigentum in Sicily during the Second Punic War. It was taken by Himilco in 213 BC en route to relieving Syracuse from the Roman siege, but to no avail. Syracuse was taken by the Romans who then defeated the plague ridden Carthaginian forces. Akragas was retaken by the Romans in 210 BC.

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