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New! Coin markets - Romanorum will be hosting a stall at these markets.
New! Collection ideas - common themes for collecting ancient coins.
New! Nummus Factsheets - easy to reference information for beginning collectors.
A list of Roman Emperors
Roman coin metals and demoninations
Abbreviations on Roman Imperial obverse legends
Reference works about Roman coins


Reference tables - Two tables showing the evolution of roman coinage throughout the empire, great for a quick way to roughly date a coin.
Portraits of Romans on Coins - A brief article on the portaiture on Roman Coins, and how it evolved over the course of the empire.
Forming a Collection - This article canvases a few collectors from around Australia and asks the pertinent questions on how they started, what got them hooked and what they like to collect.
River Gods on Roman coins - An article outlining the Roman coins that depicts River Gods on their reverses, suggesting some sort of purpose to the River depicted for the Emperor's policies.
Identifying a Roman coin - This article takes a beginner through the steps in identifying an ancient roman coin.