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Augustus Caesar

Augustus (27 BC - AD 14)

First Roman Emperor, Augustus started as C. Julius Caesar Octavianus when he was adopted by Julius Caesar in his will. He joined the Second Triumvirate with Mark Antony and Lepidus to defeat Caesar's Assassins and rule the empire jointly. In 31 BC Octavian defeated Antony at the Battle of Actium and, since Lepidus was in exile, now ruled the empire solely. He adopted the name Augustus and by 27 BC had achieved absolute political and legal dominance. e raised his family to prominence but due to mishap, lost many heirs before their times. He finally adopted his stepson Tiberius and bequeathed the Empire to him when he died in AD 14

Obverse Legends on coins depicting Augustus

For explanations of many of the abbreviations used in Roman imperial obverse legends, click here.

Coins of Augustus currently available

Coin image Augustus
Silver denarius issued 19 BC
Obv: CAESAR AVGVSTVS, Bare head facing right
Good Very Fine   |   AUD $800.00
Coin image Augustus and Julius Caesar, Macedonia, Thessalonica, Julius Caesar
Bronze AE21 issued c. 30-10 BC
Obv: ΘEOΣ, Wreathed head of Julius Caesar right, NK countermark within circular punch
Rev: ΘEΣΣAΛONIKEΩN, Bare head of Augustus right
Nearly Very Fine   |   AUD $500.00