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Denarius of Sextus Pompeius

Silver denarius, 18mm, 3.17gm, issued 42-40 BC Sicily mint.

Obv: MAG PIVS IMP ITER, Head of Pompey the Great between jug and lituus.

Rev: PRAEF CLAS ET ORAE MARIT EX SC, Neptune standing left holding aplustre and resting foot on prow, between the Catanaean brothers Anapias and Amphinomus, each bearing a parent on their shoulders.

References: Sear 1392, Cr 511/3a, RSC 17.

Very rare.

Anapias and Amphinomus were brothers in legend from Catania in Sicily who carried a parent each to safety when Mt Etna erupted. This coin was issued by Sextus Pompeius, who maintained his independence in Sicily from the Second Triumvirate. The reverse alludes to his naval superiority (Neptune) as well as his filial duty to his father, Pompey the Great.

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